“On the road again” serving our local communities at our Rabies clinics. (Dr. Gensel & Chuck, an EVH client and supporter from Fayetteville. 

elizabethtown veterinary hospitalDr. Gensel is offering the “Purrfect” Opportunity.

He is looking for a partner and he doesn’t want you to buy in… at least with money…He is looking for associate DVMs that can no longer climb any further in their in current situation!
TAKE NOTE: There are 100’s of DVMs out there in the “Corporate Grind” that will jump at this opportunity.
What’s a conversation going to hurt?
It’s a beautiful practice and location.

Happy 6TH Anniversary to Our Spay & Neuter Clinic

Brought to the community by A Shelter Friend & Dr. Gensel, together with numerous volunteers, they have spayed & neutered over 2000 pets.

Volunteers left to right: Kyra-Harrell’s Christian Academy, Michellie-Hospital Manager, Betina our summer intern, & Ms. Valerie

EVH fellowship ride
Cape Fear